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Jo Darbyshire As a teacher and an early childhood educator with over 30 years experience I can confidently recommend gymnastics as a wonderful all round program for all children. Not only is it fun it offers important fundamental movement skills, discipline and self control opportunities and it caters for a range of skill levels. There is much evidence that links the importance of proprioception ( awareness of where your body is in space) and early motor development ( creeping, crawling, spinning, balancing, etc.) to academic performance ( and essential learning skills such as focused attention and self regulation. Gymnastics offers opporunitiies to develop and build all these skills and allows children to work at a range of different levels. I commend Allstars Gymnastics Academy for the range of programs they offer, the competent, highly qualified and personable coaches and the opportunities they offer to children from the Darling Downs.

As a parent of three young children and a teacher, I can see how gymnastics has enhanced my children's balance, strength, postural control and self-esteem. Gymnastics has encouraged their sense of body awareness, control and co-ordination, which is beneficial in other sports, school performance and everyday life.

The Allstars staff are highly professional, qualified and well-organised, while providing a fun and challenging program. I get so much pleasure to see how every child enters the venue with a spring in their step, full of excitement and are always greeted by their coach by name.


Both of my girls have been going to allstars gymnastics since they were in the baby gym group. It was a great outing each week for them & for me, learning basic co-ordination skills & it was also lots of fun!
The girls are now 6 & 9 & attend an after school class each week, it has improved their confidence in their ability to try new skills their strength & agility.
I have also notice increased resilience & their concentration levels have improved with the discipline that gym provides them.
Vicki & her team are competent, consultative & supportive. We love it!

Jac :)


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